The following transcript is taken from the Accelerant core rules book


A verbal is a short phrase that is called out when an ability is used to explain the effect of that attack. Each verbal can have an effect and a trait for that attack. The trait indicates the flavor of the attack so you may role play the effects and perhaps use a defense to negate the attack if it strikes you. The effect indicates what the attack does to you.

A verbal is an Out of Game phrase. You must call your verbal even if you are affected by Silence. If you hear the beginning of a verbal you must listen to the phrase and play out the effect.

Types of VerbalsEdit

Verbals for Melee attacks are called out as you swing your weapon. Verbals for Missile and Packet attacks are called out before you release the projectile from your hand. You call out a phrase that takes the form of [Effect] by [Trait].

For example, a poison that freezes you in place would use the verbal "Paralyze By Poison" and a bolt of fire that causes 5 points of damage would use "5 Damage By Fire" as the verbal.

Verbal GameplayEdit

If you hear a verbal, your character knows what happened. The verbal not only tells you the effect out of game, but it represents the sight, sound and feel of the attack in game. You never have to play it dumb. The verbal "4 Damage By Fire" might represent a roar of flame. The verbal "Maim By Lightening" might represent a flash of light. The verbal "Paralyze By Fear" might represent the hairs rising on the back of your neck. However you imagine it, the verbal tells you what happened both in and out of game.

Verbals should not be confused with Incantations. Incantations are magical words that are used to cast a spell. These are in game magical phrases that are required for all but the most powerful mages to cast magic. Spells usually have incantations, but they also end with a verbal.

Remember that there are two rules that apply to all called attacks.

  • You must finish the verbal for a called attack before launching a packet or missile attack. You call out the verbal as you swing a melee attack. If there is an incantation, which is an in game phrase associated with an attack, then that must be clearly spoken before the verbal. This is true for melee, missile and packet attacks.
  • All Called Hits must be acknowledged with role play. Many skills are consumed only if the recipient calls out a defense or role-plays the effects of the attack. If you don't role play the effect, the attacker may assume that you were not struck and the skill not used.