A game mechanic by which characters face danger from props or environmental features that have been staged to cause them harm unless disabled. These are in-game effects only, and are not designed to actually hurt or restrain players. There are a variety of rules regarding how traps can spring, what happens when they do, and what kind of game abilities allow characters to get rid of the trap (if they can). From the Accelerant core rules books:

Traps OverviewEdit

Traps are devices or substances set to deliver an effect to anyone who disturbs them or attempts to get past them. Anyone can avoid a trap, but no one can attempt to manipulate a trap by moving it, disarming it, or affecting the individual components unless they have a skill that allows them to do so.

Trap RulesEdit

Most traps will cause an effect to the person who set them off. If someone manages to trigger a trap with a thrown object, then the object will take the affect instead. If the trap affects the entire room or corridor, then this trick will not provide much help. Some traps will work multiple times, while some will work once. If an item is causing a trap to go off continuously then anyone who touches the item will take the effect.

If a trap is set in a small box, chest, or other enclosed area no larger than 3 feet in any dimension then setting it off will destroy everything inside the area. Coins, items, paper, and everything else inside will be destroyed and cannot be removed from the box. If any living creature has somehow crawled into an enclosed area no more than 3 feet in any dimension with a trap and the trap goes off then that fool will be killed instantly.

Trap TypesEdit

There are four types of traps.

Snap TrapEdit

These traps make a snap sound when they go off. They are represented by mousetraps, party poppers, and snaps. These traps cause 2 Damage to whoever sets them off.

Buzzer TrapEdit

These traps make an electronic sound of some kind when they are set off. Sounds used for these traps include beepers, buzzers, and electronic sound effects like the moaning of a rigged welcome mat you might find at Halloween. These traps cause 5 Damage to whoever sets them off.

Verbal TrapEdit

When these traps are set off and you will hear a trap sound and a voice will call out a Verbal associated with them. Whoever set the trap off must take the effect of that verbal. If no verbal is present, then the sound determines the type of trap as described above.

Gas TrapEdit

As a magical trap, but the Verbal will begin with the words "In This Room..." Everybody in the room will take the effect. This trap only works in an enclosed room with normal doorways and corridors leaving it. The trap will affect you if any part of you is within the room when the trap goes off.

Contact PoisonEdit

This attack is represented by petroleum jelly. If you touch the jelly with bare skin, you will take an effect of "5 Damage by Poison." A character with the appropriate skill may apply such a substance directly from the vial it was created in.

Once applied to a surface, the jelly cannot be scraped off onto another object. Only a character with an appropriate skill may wipe the substance off a surface with a cloth or cloth like substance, but the contact poison is destroyed in the process.

An item with contact poison is considered a [[Red Sticker]] item. The fumes and burning of the poison are overwhelming, even to a character who is immune to it. The object cannot be moved from its place or handled until the poison is removed by a character with the appropriate skill to do so.