A method by which players can apply spells or effects through physical contact with another player. Because it is not legal to touch other players with your body in any form, Touch Casting allows you to make contact with another player by using a game prop, such as a spell Packet. From the Accelerant core rules:

"Physical contact is not allowed. You may contact another player with a boffer weapon in a legal attack area and you may contact another player by touching a packet to their arm or shoulder to deliver a "touch cast" effect. Violators will be asked to leave the game."

Players must still adhere to the rules of etiquette and safety when touch casting, and may not use a game prop as a method to have inappropriate physical contact with another player.

A common form of touch casting is keeping a Packet in hand, and using the packet itself to touch the other player's shoulder, upper back, foot, or other safe area of the body that is not inappropriate. It can be faux pas to touch a packet to their head, front torso, or upper legs as this could increase the chances of accidental illegal contact or mistaken intentions about where you were attempting to touch them with your packet, particularly during combat.