Additional ways that the Grant effect may be used to provide additional benefits.

The following passages are taken from the Accelerant core rule book:

Verbal ExamplesEdit


  • "Grant Arcane Defense, Shield Poison"
  • "Grant Venom Attack by Alchemy, 5 Damage by Poison"
  • "Grant 2 Faerie Protection by Awe"
  • "Grant 2 Arcane Armor by Magic"
  • "Grant Divine Attribute by Inspiration, 2 Earth"


Optionally, a stacking trait can be added to a Grant effect by adding it before the type in the verbal. You can only have one Grant with a particular stacking trait on you at one time, regardless of type. If a Grant effect with a stacking trait is bestowed upon someone who already has another Grant effect with that same stacking trait then the beneficiary decides which Grant effect they will keep. The stacking trait takes precedent over the default stacking rules, even allowing Ability, Armor, and Protection effects to stack with Grants that don't have a stacking trait or that have a different stacking trait.

Examples in ActionEdit

The verbal "Grant Arcane Attack by Magic, 2 Damage by Earth" would create a melee, missile, or packet Granted Attack with the Arcane stacking trait. You could not have this Grant and also have "Grant Arcane Defense, Shield Magic" upon you. The "Grant Venom Attack, 2 Damage by Poison" could not be upon you at the same time as "Grant Venom Attack, Stun by Poison." The recipient would choose which effect to keep. The verbal "Grant Arcane Defense, 2 Protection" has the Arcane stacking trait. This effect would stack with "Grant Divine Defense, 2 Protection" and would even stack with "Grant Defense, Protection." It would not stack with "Grant 2 Arcane Protection by Magic" and the recipient would choose which effect to keep. Double and Triple Grant effects will provide multiple uses of the specified attack or defense but only count as a single Grant effect when counting the total number you have upon you. In other words, you can have a "Triple Grant Melee Attack, 2 Damage" effect that grants you three melee attacks each which do "2 Damage" and still have two additional slots for other Grant Attack or Defense effects.