Some game abilities and effects require that the player spend a certain amount of time inactive before the effect will happen or be dismissed. Game rules specify several ways that are legitimate for a player to be "inactive" and be considered rested. From the Accelerant core rules book:

"Rest time is generally used when an effect has some passive duration which will wear off if you have time to rest... you must spend the time uninterrupted. If you are forced to break the conditions of Rest time then that attempt ends and you must start again from the beginning."

"Resting time requires you to be sitting, lying, or kneeling. You cannot walk or run. You can talk and gesture, but you cannot use game skills, used called attacks, or use called defenses while you are resting. You are resting if you are Dead, Paralyzed, Stunned, or Unconscious. Paralyzed characters are resting even if they are standing or in some other paralyzed position. Effects which require rest can overlap; what this means is that a single rest time can be used for multiple effects. If you had a game skill that allowed you to reset some kind of magical defense after a minute of rest, and you were affected by a Root effect, and you were affected by a Weakness effect you could rest for five minutes and apply the time to all three benefits. The Root would end, the Weakness would end, and the skill could be used to reset the defense... Resting time and Activity time do not overlap."

"Travis and Gerard, for example, each have a skill that provides armor points. Travis has a skill that requires one minute of rest to refresh his armor points. Gerard has a skill that requires one minute of activity to refresh armor. Both sit down to rest off a Weakness effect. During that time, Travis may also refresh his armor points. Gerard will still have to spend one minute of role play to refresh his armor."

"Many attacks last until you rest for five minutes. Effects that require rest will not end until you rest for five uninterrupted minutes. You cannot refresh attributes or skills while you are resting."