A type of Verbal that lets you regain Attribute or Skill points. From the Accelerant core rules:

"Refresh is always followed by either an attribute or a skill that has a limited number of uses. You recover one or more uses of the named skill or one or more points of the named attribute. If you do not have the named skill or attribute then the Refresh has no effect. As a default, Refresh restores one point or use of a skill. If a number is placed before the attribute or skill name then you will restore more attribute points or uses of a skill. Skills that require attributes cannot be restored directly and are unaffected by a Refresh effect. Refresh will never raise you above your maximum attribute or give you more uses of a skill than you would have at the start of an event. Refresh is a beneficial effect."

"Refresh can also be used to restore abilities of an empowered item. If the item has a unique name and Refresh is followed by that name then the abilities of the item are restored."