Welcome new players! Here are some helpful articles to get you started:

  • Ettiquette - Learn about how to use the wiki (i.e. don't take everything here as law, it's a fan run wiki)
  • Core Rules - The transcripts of the Accelerant game rules. These have been sanitized for "any" Accelerant game, but keep in mind some games have extra rules specific to their campaign setting!
  • Verbal Dictionary - You're in the game, someone says something confusing or uses larp slang, but what does it mean? Now you can find out!
  • Terminology - The most common game terms & phrases you'll hear during game play!
  • Quick Lists - Other handy lists that are great for quick reference or memorization of things
  • Campaigns - Find rules and headers specific to your game campaign.
  • Verifications - Some pages may have sentences where the author wasn't sure about the accuracy. So if you see "verificaiton needed" you know that the info is still being validated. You can also learn how to add the "verification needed" tag for when you want to add information to a wiki page here that you're not 100% sure of.

Remember that this wiki evolves based on people editing and contributing to the pages! Have fun, and welcome to game!