A Verbal that is used to bestow certain Traits on characters. Unlike Grants, these are typically lasting effects. It might be for the duration of the weekend, or longer. Unlike an Imbue they are often (but not always) negative.

"This effect can be used in one of two ways. An Inflict effect with the verbal “Inflict [Trait Name] Trait” will give you the specified trait for the remainder of the event."

"Otherwise, this effect is some affliction or detrimental effect that is described on an effect card that is given to you after the effect is used upon you. An Inflict effect with no trait will not take effect until you have read the effect card, so a character engaged in combat may not be affected by Inflict effects described on Inflict cards immediately; they have time to retrieve the effect card and read it when it is convenient and unobtrusive to do so. Unconscious or dead characters must read the card immediately. Inflict cards will give you some unusual detriment that will have an effect and a duration described on the effect card."

"Inflict effect cards can have a wide variety of long term plot effects. Examples include causing death after a certain amount of time, causing you to transform into some type of creature, inflicting you with a disease that cannot be healed normally, weakening the spirit of a dead character, and similar exceptional abilities. Defenses can be used to negate Inflict attacks if those defenses will stop an attack with the appropriate trait."

"If a player can use an Inflict effect, that ability will always have some in game action that must be accomplished before you can use it. You might need to gather and mix components. You might need to construct some item from strange parts. These actions earn you the effect card needed to use the ability. A player can never use an Inflict ability without an effect card to represent the properly prepared components."