A game mechanic that explains travel around (or beyond) the game world. Gates mark the entrance area to new encounters or regions during gameplay. They are also sometimes referred to as "portals". Gates are represented using lights, and their color and state indicate whether a player may pass through or not. From the Accelerant core rules:

"Portals ringed with strings of decorative light are magical portals. These portals lead to other places. Some lead to other places in this world, some lead to places beyond this world. If a portal is ringed with lights and they are not lit then you cannot go through that portal."

Traveling Through GatesEdit

Passing through a gate puts the character(s) in a new location far away from the physical spot where the gate lights were. Once on the other side of a gate, it may include Special Areas with additional instructions that players will need to pay attention to. From the Accelerant core rules:

"The areas beyond gates are often marked with yellow information signs, so you should always look around after going through a gate. Gates have a disorienting effect to compensate for the time it takes to spot and read a yellow sign."

Types of GatesEdit

Some gates are used to allow players to pass from one area of the game world to another freely while setting a boundary for when one region ends and another begins (such as different political countries). Others may be the entrance to a specific encounter that can't be entered without a member of staff overseeing the interactions and running the encounter. Gates are also sometimes used to allow player characters to be escorted to an encounter in another part of the event site without being interrupted by passing NPCs or PCs who are unrelated. From the Accelerant core rules:

  • White gates are open portals. If the lights are on, anyone may step through the gate. White gates will always appear in ruined areas.
  • Colored gates are special. Only special staff characters that control the gate may bring you through a gate with colored lights. If there is no guide you cannot enter the gate.
  • Some colored gates are free standing, with no actual area on the other side. If you enter such a gate at the request of a staff character then you will become a Spirit. You will not be affected by any attacks and you must reply "Spirit" to any attack that strikes you. You cannot use any game skills or converse with any one else. You are visible to others, but you cannot converse with them and you can only enter an area indicated by the spirit guide who leads you. You must follow the spirit guide until you exit through another gate and your guide indicates you have assumed your normal form.