A type of Verbal that causes other characters to back away from someone and stop attacking them momentarily. From the Accelerant core rules:

"To initiate this ability either take a step back or plant your feet for 3 seconds. Gesture at any number of opponents with a your weapons. You cannot move towards any target. Everyone who is attacking you and everyone indicated by the gesture of your weapon must move back out of weapon range so that you cannot cross extended weapons. Targets that are rooted or cannot move back may cross their arms and lean away from the effect instead of backing up. Once the distance has been increased and the space indicated by the Disengage has been cleared by all targets (or everyone has crossed their arms and leaned away) the effect ends. Disengage will not force a target into a dangerous area. A target may choose to cross arms and lean back rather than stepping back into an area that will cause them some detrimental effect. Disengage is not a melee delivered attack and cannot be negated by defenses that stop melee attacks."