A type of Verbal that requires the target to let go of the thing they're holding. You literally drop the item on the ground (or gingery place it on the ground if it's at risk of breaking from being dropped). Unlike a Maim, you can recover from this attack by reaching down and retrieving the weapon... provided you don't get the living daylights clobbered out of you in the process since you're unarmed. From the Accelerant core rules:

"You must drop everything in the hand indicated by the verbal. You can pick up items immediately after they have come to rest. You may pick up an item as soon as it stops moving. The verbal will contain either "Disarm right hand" or "Disarm left hand." If you are holding a fragile or breakable prop, including an air gun, you may put it down rather than drop it, but in this case you cannot pick it up for a full five seconds."

"Delivering this effect with a melee attack requires you to strike that weapon while calling the Disarm effect. You do not need to specify a hand. The hand that is holding the weapon will be affected. A melee delivered Disarm will not affect a shield unless the "Disarm Shield" verbal is used. You cannot disarm a shield unless a skill or ability specifically allows the use of "Disarm Shield.""

Additionally in Madrigal, this exists as a Spell of the Sovereign spell Sphere targeting the hand specifically. Spell description as it appears in the rulesbook:

"By overriding the functions of the brain, you prevent the opponent from using one hand. You exhaust a point of Water, call out 'Disarm [Hand] by Will' and throw a packet at an opponent. If it hits the target, the target takes the effect of a Disarm."