A Verbal that can cause a prop to no longer be usable until it is restored with a game ability, such as Repair. You don't actually have to ruin your prop, you just can't use the prop for its intended purpose until you can fix it with game abilities. From the Accelerant core rules:

"An item is destroyed and cannot be used for any game skill or effect until it is repaired. For most melee delivered effects, the verbal is simply “Destroy” and the strike will destroy the weapon it hits. For missile and packet attacks the verbal will include the name of the item and any strike will destroy that named item. A melee attack that strikes your shield and uses the “Destroy Shield” verbal will render your shield unusable. The effect is permanent until the item is restored with a Repair effect. Some items may be truly destroyed if no Repair effect exists in the game to restore them. The item does not crumble away or disappear; the prop represents the broken item."

"An attack that uses the “Destroy Armor” verbal will exhaust all of your armor points. The armor points can be refreshed or repaired normally as if they had been removed by damage. Melee attacks must successfully strike you to deliver a Destroy Armor effect. Some creatures might take some kind of detrimental effect when struck by this attack. If you want to attempt to harm a construct directly with this effect you would call out “Destroy Form” as the verbal."

"Items without tags or safety stickers (such as clothing, belts, pouches, and the like) cannot be affected by Destroy."