Rulesbook EntryEdit

You empower a sacred skull to call forth terror in your enemies. You may spend a minute of role playing to empower a skull prop with the power of Gloaming. The prop may be part of a staff or even affixed to your armor so long as it appears as bone and it is the size of a human skull or larger if it is the skull of an animal or beast. So long as you touch this skull you may cast any spell with the Fear trait or the To Undead trait without an Incantation.


There are many ways to wear/wield the skull prop. Some players attach it to costuming. Some carry it, such as hooking it to a belt. Some players embed it within their weapon props, such as their shields or as part of their weapon (so long as it is combat safe when doing so). The important part is that the skull is visible to other players/NPCs. It would not be appropriate to hide the skull in a bag for example for the purposes of this skill.

The appearance of the skull is also up to the player. Some players use skulls that appear "old" while others use those that seem sun-bleached. Some players decorate the skulls, but this is not required.

Using The SkullEdit

Predominantly as long as you are making physical contact with the skull with your body, this is considered acceptable. If the skull is a part of a weapon or shield, wielding that weapon or shield is generally accepted as sufficient enough "contact" (though remember that you can't cast with weapons unless you have a particular skill that permits it). If you are wearing the skull as part of costuming, wearing the costuming and being mindful and attentive of your skull prop is sufficient enough "contact".

For the most part as long as you are making effort to roleplay with the skull often and genuinely, the rules around "touching" the skull are fairly flexible. The important part is that you are using the skull in a way that implies that the skull is important to your character.

Caveats and TipsEdit

  • Be sure that your prop is durable and safe to fall on. You never know when you or another play may run into it or fall on it! Basically avoid pokey sharp things sticking off of it.
  • If your prop is part of a weapon, ensure that it is soft and combat safe!
  • Be sure that your prop is weather resistant (if not weatherproof). Combat often takes place in rain storms, and you wouldn't want your prop to disintegrate in the weather.
  • Make sure that your prop is light enough to carry around with you constantly. It is difficult to predict how long a fight will last, and you don't want your prop skull making you tired.

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