A type of Verbal that gets rid of negative effects (though it can't reverse damage). Game rules specify some exceptions to what a Cure can remove. From the Accelerant core rules:

"The Cure effect removes effects on the target. A Cure [Effect] will remove all instances of that specific effect. A Cure [Trait] will remove every active effect with the appropriate trait except Imbue and Inflict unless the Imbue or Inflict card specifically says otherwise. Cure will never restore Vitality. Cure is a beneficial effect."

"Travis, for example, has been affected by the following attacks: Slow by Disease, Slow by Will, and Drain by Will. A Cure Slow will remove both the Slow by Disease and the Slow by Will since they are both Slow effects. A Cure Will would remove both the Slow by Will and the Drain by Will since they both have the Will trait."

"If a "Cure Maim" effect references a specific limb, the effect will only remove Maim effects on that limb. If the Cure Maim effect does not specify a limb, it will cure all Maim effects active upon the target. If an ability or skill allows you to use the "Cure Maim" effect on a specific limb, you cannot use that ability as a general "Cure Maim" effect."

"A "Cure Death" effect will restore a Dead target to life and leave them with 1 Vitality unless that target has transformed to a Spirit of the Dead. Once a character has transformed to a Spirit of the dead, only the rare "Cure Death to Spirit" effect can restore them to life, and only if it is used before the Spirit reaches its destination. A "Cure [Trait Name] Trait" effect will remove a trait given to you by an Inflict, Imbue, or other effect that is temporary. It has no effect on a permanent trait granted by race, skill, or the like."