These Verbals are various ways to negate an attack or game effect. From the Accelerant core rules book:

"These abilities allow you to negate abilities used against you. Although there are a large number of possible defenses that can be used against specific causes and effects, all defenses can be summarized as one of the types listed below."

It is possible to select which defense is used against an attack as long as it is valid for what is striking you:

"When it is possible to apply multiple defenses to an attack the defender decides which defense to use. Although Elude, Guard, and Shield defense must be used if an attack would affect you, it is possible, for example, to use a skill that provides a Resist defense when an appropriate attack strikes you to “protect” and Shield type defense. You could, for example, use a Resist against Fear to save a Shield against any Mental Trait."

The following defenses are from the Accelerant core rules book:

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