Welcome to Accelerant Wikia! Visitors should familiarize themselves with the following caveats when reading or participating in this wiki.

"Be nice." - Rob Ciccolini, Accelerant Rules Creator

Disclaimer Edit

This wiki is fan run, and is not officially maintained by Accelerant game owners nor Chimera Entertainment. Players should always visit their game's official website for the latest official copy of game rules.

We can't stress this enough: note that this wiki is NOT a means to do any of the following:

  • Contact nor forward feedback to the Accelerant creator
  • Contact nor forward feedback to game staff

While visiting, using, or contributing to this wiki, please note the following rules. Failure to follow them can result in removal of your privileges and access to the wiki:

  1. Be nice
  2. The site admins decide if you're being nice or not
  3. It's not our problem if you didn't read rules 1 through 3.

Users who are not able to follow the three rules will be blocked from contributing to the site. We reserve the right to take additional steps as needed to resolve problematic behavior in the wiki, including - but not limited to - walking up to you in person at your next game and asking you why you're being a butt.

Using This WikiEdit

This wiki is focused on providing a resource for beginning Accelerant Larpers, regardless of what game they play - though over time it will be a handy resource for campaign specific info too! This wiki should be used only for informational/education purposes, and should not be used as a declaration of official rules - in the event of a game dispute, the Accelerant rules book always trumps any information provided by this wiki, as the wiki is fan run and not officially maintained by the system or game owners.

Game campaign owners, players, and staff should feel welcome to contribute to and modify the wiki pages here! These are not considered to be "staff maintained" nor "owner maintained". The entire Accelerant community is welcome and encouraged to participate. That being said...

We ask that disputes about rules mechanics be limited to the "talk" pages, rather than editing wars. Always remember: your game rules book always trumps anything written in this wiki! When you have questions you should always seek out the advice of your game staff, game owner, and (if applicable) the system creator. Do not rely on this wiki to resolve your deepest and most complex rules debates... this wiki is a set of training-wheels, not the mountain bike.

Contributing to this wikiEdit

Visitors may modify or add pages to the wiki, but must abide by the etiquette guidelines provided on this page. Visitors should not contribute any content to this wiki unless they are prepared for ruthless copy editing of their contributions by other wiki participants and/or the wiki owner in order to maintain a consistent navigation and feel among the pages.

Other things to help you get started:

  • You do not need to be a member of game staff to contribute! Players, staff, etc are all welcome to contribute here.
  • You do not need to be a rules expert to contribute to the wiki! Anyone is welcome to contribute information based on their personal experiences and/or observations at their Accelerant games.
  • You do not need to be a regular contributor! Some people will write many pages here, but it's just as helpful for someone to contribute one sentence of useful information one time, even if they never contribute again after that.
  • You do not need to be a wiki expert to contribute! Even if you mess something up, it can be easily fixed by other contributors who visit here. You can also check the "source" tab of other pages to grab useful formatting codes to make your page pretty. For more help, see the Contribution Help section or even the basic Formatting Help page for great tips to get you started!
  • You do not need to be a subject matter expert! You can contribute information to the best of your knowledge. If you are uncertain of the accuracy of your information, you can use the Verification Needed tag to let others know that you're not 100% sure if what you said was accurate, and someone can fact-check it and fix it later.

Adding Campaign Specific InfoEdit

Supported Accelerant CampaignsEdit

This wiki may not (yet) contain all licensed Accelerant campaign settings, but we have tried to provide at least a skeleton of page structure for Campaign settings, and we're happy to see more added! However, we ask that visitors do the following before entering brand new pages related to their game setting:

  • Browse and search the existing pages to ensure that there's not a page that already covers the rule info you were thinking of adding.
  • Look for Categories specific to your campaign setting to see if there are already some set up for your game that you can add to.
  • Leave messages in the "talk" pages of this wiki prior to adding brand new campaign-specific rules book information. Many of the "core" Accelerant rules already have pages created here, and you should only need to add rules information about parts of your campaign that aren't shared across all Accelerant games (e.g. a page for a Header that doesn't exist in the other Accelerant campaigns).

Game LoreEdit

Game lore should not be documented in this wiki unless it is directly related to explaining a game mechanic. Players and staff are very creative, and the wiki could never hope to contain all the rich lore and history that results from a game... that is a role for other types of sites that are more "in character".

Third Party URLsEdit

Linking to third party reference sites for a specific game is acceptable so long as it is presented in a factual way and not as spam or advertising. Any accounts identified as using the wiki strictly for advertising purposes may be barred from making future contributions. Accounts that engage in suspicious behavior in the wiki (spamming, profanity, page vandalism) may be automatically banned by Wikia with or without notice to the Accelerant Wikia owners.


A few examples of appropriate and inappropriate content for this wiki:

Good and Bad types of Content AdditionsEdit


  • Including the description of a particular religion or political faction that is important to game rules, with references to props/costuming that represent some aspect of the religion/faction.
  • References to game effects or abilities granted by a religion/faction.
  • References to unsolved aspects of the religion/faction because they are relevant to explaining a game mechanic (e.g. why a player isn't allowed to choose a specified ability or race).
  • Excerpts of in-character journals or photos of game props/art to provide an example of a game mechanic.
  • Maps and overviews of a country with traits associated with the region, or explanations of special rules that apply to the region.
  • Lists of game related URLs, particularly if they contain reference and example material for the game.
  • Links to commercial sales sites as examples of game rules or restrictions (e.g. authorized prop/weapon vendors).
  • Citation-only links to non Accelerant larps
  • Citationi-only links to player-run websites to support a game rules explanation or example.


  • Full In-character journals or dialog from the game
  • Full records/lists/transcripts of historical events or stories that happened in the game
  • The entire history of a country and documentation of all their political "to dos" as of last game.
  • Lengthy mythology explanations
  • Image galleries uploaded to the wiki strictly for the purpose of showing off personal work
  • Links to commercial sales sites NOT related to a game rule or restriction.
  • Links and copies of rules from non Accelerant rules LARPs.

Good and Bad examples of URL linkingEdit

  • Good: "For more information regarding snow weasels, visit"
  • Bad: "Amoreticus is now accepting new players! Visit"
  • Good: A list of authorized weapon vendors for Invictus...
  • Bad: This is the best weapon vendor ever! Check them out!..."
  • Good: "A list of Mirror Mirror resource links..."
  • Bad: "Hey guys come check out my game blog at..."
  • Really Freaking Bad:"Free apple iPr0n! www.TotallyLegitURLThatISwearIsntPr0nTrustMeWouldILieToYou?.com" (kind of obvious but still worth pointing out as wikia will automatically bar/block accounts that participate in this type of spam)
  • Good:Examples of Quorian Costuming from ...
  • Bad: Fluffy Hat Merchant Page... this page is all about the Fluffy Hat Merchant they make good hats, check out their site at

And lastly, the etiquette around linking to non-Accelerant larps. Pages should focus on explaining how Accelerant rules work, and not exposition about how other game rules systems work. If someone wants to read about a game rule from another system, link to it, but don't regurgitate it into this wiki please.

  • Good:"Unlike full contact combat systems (examples: Clobber LARP, Esseay), Accelerant combat forbids blocking a packet with your head..."
  • Bad:"The full contact combat in Clobber LARP is the opposite. The Clobber LARP rules state that players may block packets with their heads so long as...